Design and Programming – Internet and Print

We plan, design and realise:

  • Websites for big and small firms
  • Online-catalogues
  • Online-Shops
  • Secure online ordering systems
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Microsites and Landingpages
  • Online Business-Cards
  • Tool for maintaining your website (see info further down)

  • Layout and Prepress, Translation an Courses

  • Book Cover Design and Pagination: Click here to see some samples
  • Design of Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Banners: Click here to see some samples

  • Translation from German into English and vice versa

  • Webdesign-Courses in English and German, for beginners and advanced users: Template systems for the creation of websites, such as WordPress, Dreamweaver, Typo3 and many others, are available today, but you quickly realize that you can not do without basic knowledge of markup (HTML) because fine-tuning and corrections in the layout is usually not possible without working directly in the source code.Also learning to use a template-system can be a steep learning curve.

    People who prefer not to use a template system, but to create their website individually with an editor like BBedit or EditPlus, can also book a course with us: +49/711 42 98 36 – eMail:

Our service also includes:

  • Style development and consulting: You might already have a website, but you would like to change it to adjust to a more up-to-date or enhanced look and feel. We can provide you with visuals, to demonstrate the changes we suggest for the enhancement of your website.
  • Off-Site/Page Marketing
  • Illustrations, Infographics and Drawings in different styles: Take advantage of the individuality of illustrations and infographics. Illustrations, drawings or infographics can be used to illustrate and comment content more appropriately or in greater detail than photographs. Caricatures can also be used when suitable. Click here to see some samples.
  • Integration of Google Analytics or Piwik
  • Registration of Domainnames and booking webspace
  • Maintainance of your website/s
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization to promote your website in the internet: In order to make your website easily visible to search engines, we apply different SEO-measures. Building the structure of the website itself in a SEO-friendly way, advising our clients about relevant textual content, using the most appropriate meta-keywords, title-tag and meta-description on each page, adding descriptions to each visual's alt-tag etc, there are many more measures to enhance and promote your website. Get in touch: +49 -711- 429836

Would you like to maintain your website yourself?

We have developed a content management system (CMS) with a graphical user interface (GUI), so you can change the content of your website yourself.

Here a few sample layouts:

The decision on which of the numerous content management systems (CMS) to base one's own website on is often quite difficult. Most people who are considering maintaining their website want a graphical interface (GUI) for easy and intuitive editing, rather than having to learn how to use a system that is complex. With such content management systems, the learning curve is often quite steep.

We first create the website for you. Afterwards you take over and make changes on your website yourself:

  • Change texts and headlines
  • Place pictures and graphics, or take them off the website
  • Place captions, or remove them
  • Place subheadings or remove them
  • Embolden text or italisize it
  • Put internal and external links in
  • Integrate PDFs and videos
  • Save a preview
  • Create a new menu point and page
  • Load your changes onto the server etc.

  • Get in touch: +49/711 42 98 36 – eMail:

We are currently working, or have worked in the past for:

References Kupola, Stuttgart, Germany: Agency for Web and Print

  • Balfour Project:
  • The American University in Cairo Press, Cairo, Egypt
  • B&B Holding und Business GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany: (Building Company)
  • Dr. Renate Blankenhorn, German Help in Berlin (Tutor, Translater)
  • Publishing house: The Palm Press, Kairo, Ägypten
  • The Middle East Times, Cairo, Egypt (Weekly newspaper)
  • STAHL Handels-GmbH E. Matz, Fellbach: (Steel trading company)
  • Grünflink Gmbh, Stuttgart (Lieferung von Bioprodukten im Raum Stuttgart): grü
    (Company delivering bio products)
  • Werbeagentur Ehrle Studios, Fellbach: (Advertising Agency with Photostudio)
  • C. Meyer Psychologist
  • Rädler Gruppe, Landsberg am Lech
    Provider of products for the printing industry
  • Tierarztpraxis Dr. Stepanie Milz, Fellbach (Veterinary Practice):
  • Dr. Güldener Gruppe, Stuttgart: Abrechnungsdienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen
    Abrechnung für Ärzte, Zahnärzte, Therapeuten und Apotheken
    (Billing services for the health care sector)
  • Timothy Slater, Übersetzer:
  • Verrai Verlag, Stuttgart: (Publishing house)
  • Südmilch,Heilbronn – Milchprodukte (Manufacturer of milk products)
  • Binder Pflege, Waiblingen (Care home):
  • Markbrandenburg Milchprodukte, Elsterwerda (Manufacturer of milk products)
  • Puddis, Heilbronn – Milchprodukte
  • Krankengymnastik Hausbesuche, Stuttgart - (Physiotherapist):
  • Stama, Schlierbach (Bearbeitungszentren, Fräs-Dreh-Zentren
    STAMA develops machining and milling-turning centers for manufacturers worldwide)
  • Gwinner GmbH, Fellbach:
  • First Class Plants, USA
  • Photostudio Frick, Sindelfingen
  • Saphira, Heidelberg (Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG)
    Heidelberg Printing Machines
  • Praxis Matthies, Syke
  • Tuffi, Heilbronn – Milchprodukte (Manufacturer of milk products)
  • Waldheim Stuttgart
  • Martina Trost, Stuttgart – Gesang und Violoncello
  • Soldan Kommunikation, Stuttgart – grafik-design-konzept
  • J&S Wohnbau, Waiblingen (Planning and building company)
  • miniFamous Club, USA – (Growing and selling plants internationally)

Get in touch...

Kupola, Grafik und Internetdesign
Manuela Kunkel (Graphic- and Media Designer), Ian Portman (Web-Developer)

Kunkel und Portman GbR
Rosengartenstraße 80
70184 Stuttgart

Phone: +49/711 42 98 36 – Fax: +49/711 42 98 38



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